Jun 2, 2011

Example of short recount text( hard incident)

Hard incident

Last month, I must go home in afternoon because I tasked with my friend in his home. But, I think it will be rain, so I  ride my motorcycle with a high speed. In the route, I overtake the other motorcycle. the rider was very stocky. he used a black jacket, jeans, a big black shoes, and a good helmet. His wife and son in the behind of motorcycle.
Suddenly, when I besides of his motorcycle, he turned right and hit my motorcycle. So, He and I crashed. It was my wrong, I do not see his motorcycle send his turn light. after a minute, he picked up me and wanted to hit my head. I responded to raise my hand. he realized that many people see the incident, so he canceled his hit and let me go.
After that, the day become rained and I go home with many wound.

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