May 24, 2011

funny dialog


Peter  : STOP !!!
I         : Peter, Don’t kick him!!!
Jack   : AWWW!!! I enjoy it !!!!
I         : Who are you.
Peter  : Why you kick him?
Peter  : he is a thief !!

Jack   : No, I am your son !
Peter  : my soon?, oh my god. I am so sorry, but why you use a black mask ?
Jack   : I playing a “thief game” with my brother.
I         : may I kick your father, jack ?
Jack   : yes please !!

Police and a thief

Peter : Hi my best friend !
I        : Oh, hi Peter, what are you doing at my home?

Peter : In the morning, I go to your home with my friend, but you don’t stay at home. So, I broke the window and go to inside.
I        : I very surprised, how you can do it?
Peter : don’t astonished, I was a thief when I don’t have a job last year.
I        : I must check your bag. I want to know what do you take.
Peter : Forget it, I want to introduce my friend to you
Jack  : Hi, my name Jack
I        : Oh, hi my name strike. are you a thief too?
Jack  : Why you don’t stop peter when he broke the window?
Jack  : No, I always work together with a thief, So I work safety.

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