Apr 14, 2011

report text

Text of this report can we find in the dictionary and encyclopedia.The characteristics are typical of the text report is the absence of the personal pronoun "I, My, Our" common as we find in the descriptive text.

There are seventeen types of penguins. They can be between forty centimeters to more than one meter tall.
They all live in south part of the world. In winter, they swim a long way to find warmer water. In spring, many penguins come together in the beaches of Antarctica. The female penguins have one or two eggs. They put their eggs on the ground and sit there to keep them warm. But, she doesn’t sit all the time because she can move with one egg between her legs. When the female penguin is sitting on the eggs, the male penguin brings her food. He also does this when the baby penguins are born.

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