Feb 8, 2011

Example of short recount text : book worm

this is simple short

recount text

simple recount text is easy to understanding.

Book Worm

  I have a friend named Yoyon. He is a book worm. Do you know or remember the term of a book worm? It means that Yoyon loves reading very much. He reads many books, magazines, and newspapers. He reads books before the school begins, during the break, or when he waits for city bus. Every time he reads books.
  One day I asked him. “Yon, you are a book worm. Don’t your eyes get tired? Don’t you get dizzy?” he replied, “on the contrary, my eyes will be tired or I will get dizzy if do not read any books.”
  Yoyon also told me, “I don’t need to go to Japan, Korea or other countries around the world. I just need to sit and read books on those topics. It is quite cheap and not tiring.”
  Yoyon is right. We can broaden our knowledge and learn about the development of the world through reading. As a matter of fact, reading can give us pleasure and contentment.

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