Feb 8, 2011

Example Of Recount text

This is

Example Of recount text

I get this Recount text from my books.


example, recount text

  I really hate flying. Once something happened to me. when I was on board, the plane started taking off. It seemed that everything was all right. But suddenly I saw smoke coming from engine of the plane. The engine was on fire and the plane started to rattle. Suddenly the captain said to us in a very calm voice. “Ladies and gentlemen, we are having a little problem with one of the engines. There is no need to panic. Keep your seat belts fastened. We are going to return to the airport.”
  You can imagine how frightened I was, but the crew was fantastic. The flight attendants were really calm and told us not to worry. One of them told me to relax and said that everything would be all right.
  A few minutes later, we were coming in to land, the pilot made a smooth landing on the runway. It was over, and we were safe.
  I took a taxi and went home. From that day on, I decided not to fly anymore.

Well you can use this recount text for lesson or other activity.
I hope the recount text above can be useful.

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