Feb 15, 2011

Example of recount text : My bad and good experience

My Bad Holiday

  In the holiday, I had message to opened my e-mail account because I sured that my brother in Jakarta city send me e-mail. so, I gone to the Purbalingga city to connected to the internet.
  All is so good when it started, but it began to bad when I arrived, I can't opened my e-mail account. oh no !!!, I forgot my e-mail password. so that I do other activity in Purbalingga City. I played football with my friends, I gone to my old school, and other. it was good day at purbalingga city. when I gone to my home, in the city became sunny day, but in the middle of the way to gone to home it be rained. I have seen the different. in my side don't rained, but the other side rained. it's very interesting.
   Finally, I arrived at home with the wet uniform. I foll it was my bad experience and good experience too.

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