Feb 15, 2011

example of recount text : master of ceremonies

master of ceremonies
  on a hot day, I studied in my classroom in my school. suddenly, I called by my teacher. I was elected to the prayers in the ceremony. my teacher told me to trained in the following days.
in the first day, I do many wrong. so that I trained hard in the next day. in the next day, I became a good prayers. I very tired, I trained in the hot day at 11 am to 1 pm. but is was no problem. I sured it was good for me.
  at the ceremony day, I really readied to leaded people to prayed. but, there were any problem, the master of ceremonies do not attended the ceremonies. my teacher was confused. suddenly, my teacher pointed me. I must became a master of ceremonies. It was not good, but I cant reject it.I became a master ceremonies, I very tense. I was grateful, I leaded the ceremony goodly.
  It was good, although I not readied to became master of ceremonies, but I can.

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