Feb 13, 2011

Example Of Recount text : Camp In The Mountain

example of recount text

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Camp In The Mountain

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   Hexa and I camped in the mountain last weekend. It was very beautiful and very quiet there. The air was fresh. The location of our camp site was on the side of the hill, so we could see the scenery around us. It was amazing. It was green everywhere. It was also easy to get water as it was near a small river. You see the water is as clear as a crystal. We brought a lot of food from home. There were some noodles, cans of sardines, soft drinks, and biscuits. Hexa brought cooking utensils for cooking noodle.
  On the first day, we spent our time setting up tent and exploring the surrounding area. I was happy to find that there were many campers there. At night, after we had dinner, we met other campers. We chatted and played guitar. It was fun meeting people who had the same hobby. It was not frightening at all at night in the forest a it was very noisy that night. We laughed and sang, and some campers even danced. We went to bed almost dawn. No wonder we got up late the following day. We hiked with others campers until afternoon. We did not realize that it was almost five in the afternoon and we had to go back home soon. It was really nice. I planned to go there again on the next long holiday. I would ask other friends to join.

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