Jun 1, 2017

Descriptive text : My Beautiful House

beautiful house indonesia - descriptive text
my beautiful house

My house is located in Pattimura Street 09, Kota Baru. My house has a land area of 1500 m2 and a building area only 300 m2. There are several rooms in my house. They are a living room, a family room, kitchen and bathroom, three bedrooms and a warehouse.

The first room is the living room. Living room is used to approve the guests who come to my house. In which there is some furniture including sofas, desks, and framed photos on the wall and lavender flowers on the pot. My living room is colored green and it looks so calm when you see it for many times. I love this living room because the decoration is chosen by myself.

The second room is a family room. Family room is the most spacious room in my house. We usually use the family room to gather while watching television. In the living room there are television, chairs, tables, and an aquarium. That is a big television, so when we sit together in front of it, we can see the movie clearly. Furthermore, we usually turn the light on when we want to see a horror movie and it is like watching in the real cinema.

my beautiful house - descriptive text
Family room, My beautiful house

Actually, I don’t like the chairs and the table in the family room, because it spends the space more and there is a less space for us to sit on the floor. How about my aquarium? This is the thing that I love so much. That aquarium was bought by my own money and I fill it with some fishes like lohan and arwana. Those fishes are so cute when they are grown up. Also, the family room is used for me to do a lot of works. In this room, there is a computer which has been a long time. May be my father will buy a new computer this year, I hope for it.

We have a large kitchen, including a dinning room. There is also a bathroom near the kitchen. I have three bedrooms in my house. The first room is my sister’s room. It is close-set to the living room. The second room is my parent’s room, and last room is mine. My parent’s room is bigger than mine and there is a big bed includes TV and sound system for my father. He usually listens to the music and country is his favorite genre of music. My room is located in the corner of house. My room is completed by some furnitures and there are some big pictures on the wall. Most of the pictures are the football players such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Steven Gerrard.

Mar 11, 2017

10 example of direct and indirect speech

10 Example of direct and indirect speech

First, I am gonna tell you what is direct and indirect speech and we will see the example of 10 direct and 10 indirect speech. direct speech used when you want to repeat the exact words spoken. Example : He said, "I don't want to go home". Another example : I already said to him " please go away". I am sure that it is very simple to be understood, so let's move to indirect speech. Indirect speech used by changing the perspective of the speech. It is also called reported speech. I am sure this example will make you understand : he said that he want to go home. another example: he said that my dog was ugly and I am so mad about it.

Ok, I think you are already understand about direct and indirect speech. Before I give you example about 10 direct and indirect speech, let me show you how to change direct speech into indirect speech and vice versa.

What to be considered when changing type of speech:

1. Subject
2. Tense
3. conjuction

Example how to change direct to indirect speech

direct speech    : I heard he said, "I don't want to spend holidays in Bali"
indirect speech : I heard he said that he didn't want to spend holidays in bali

Example how to change indirect to direct speech

direct speech    : I said to him that Bali was a good and cheap spot.
indirect speech : I said to him, "Bali is a good and cheap spot"

Now, I want to give you 10 example of direct and indirect speech. Every direct speech example will be converted to indirect speech as well and vice versa.

10 Example of direct and indirect speech:

a. 10 example of direct speech

1. Amy said, "I have a good idea about activity on next holidays"
       indirect: Amy said that she had a good idea about activity on next holidays
2. I asked Amy, "what is your idea?"
      indirect : I asked Amy what was her idea.
3. Amy said, "I will tell you but don't tell anyone else about it"
    indirect : Amy said that she would tell me but she did not want me to tell anyone else about it.
4. I said "ok, I agree"
    indirect : I said that I agreed
5. Amy said, " My grandmother is live in Bali and she is alone in her house"
    indirect : Amy said that her grandmother was live in Bali and she was alone in her house
6. Amy said, "Why don't you go to Bali with me and stay in my grandmother house?"
    indirect : Amy asked me if I wanted to go to Bali with her and stayed in her grandmother house.
7. I said, "it is a good idea."
   indirect : I said that it was a good idea.
8. Then I said, "by the way, when will you go to Bali?"
   indirect: I asked when Amy would go to Bali.
9. Amy said, " I will go to Bali next week"
   indirect : Amy said that she would go to Bali next week.
10. I said, "Ok, I think I will join you"
   indirect : I said that I thought I would join her.

b. 10 example of indirect speech

1. Ardan said that he wanted to buy new smartphone
    direct : Ardan said, "I want to buy new smartphone"
2. I asked him if he had enough money to buy new smartphone
    direct : I said, "do yo have enough money to buy new smartphone?"
3. Ardan said that he did not have much money but his friend sold cheap smartphones
    direct : Ardan said, "I don't have much money but my friend sell cheap smartphone"
4. I asked if the smart phone was really new
    direct : I said, "is it really new?"
5. Ardan said that it was completely new and actually expensive but his friend was offering him discount
    direct : Ardan said, "It is completely new and actually expensive but I my friend is offering me discount"
6. I asked how much discount he would get.
    direct : I said, "how much discount you will get?"
7. Ardan said that his friend was offering him 30 percent discount.
    direct : Ardan said, "My friend is offering me 30 percent discount"
8. I said that it was crazy
    direct : I said, " It is crazy"
9. Ardan said that his friend was so kind
    direct : Ardan said, "My friend is so kind"
10. I said that I agreed about what he said.
    direct : I said, "I agree about what you say"

I hope this 10 example of direct and indirect speech will help you understand more about english speech guys. don't forget to leave comment if you want to correct me. See you in the next post.

Mar 7, 2017

Dialogue about holidays in bali

dialogue, holidays, bali, example Dialogue about holidays in bali

Sinta  : Hi Fita, How are you?

Fita    : I am fine, thanks. And you?

Sinta  : I am okay. are you enjoying your holidays?

Fita    : not really. I don't go anywhere yet. how about you?

Sinta  : oh that's bad. I went to Bali last week.

Fita    : It’s okay. By the way, what did you do there?

Sinta  : First, I went to Tanah Lot. I bought some clothes and took many pictures there.

Fita    : Wow that is awesome. Was Tanah Lot interesting?

Sinta  : yeah sure.

Fita    : Then? Where did you go after it?

Sinta  : I went to hotel with my family. My father booked it before we arrived in Bali. so we could rest as soon as we arrived.

Fita    : is your hotel near with Sanur Beach?

Sinta  : No. It is near with Kuta Beach. We can go there by foot.

Fita    : Wow… Next time I wanna be there too.

Sinta  : Yup!

Fita    : Then, tell me. What did you do in hotel?

Sinta  : I can not remember all of it. I just spent my little time there. I went to some places so I just took a rest in hotel.

Fita   : Where did you go?

Sinta : I went to mall and I bought many things there.

Fita   : What did you feel at the time?

Sinta : I was happy and I would not go home soon.

Fita   : Yeah, that has a strong reason for it.

Sinta : Then, what did you do at home?

Fita   : I cooked with my mom, played with my sister, then slept along day. And it was repeating at the time.

Sinta : It was sound boring condition.

Fita   : I thought so.

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